What is Jujutsu?

Ju Jutsu Explained

Ju Jutsu is a complete & highly effective self defence system for both children and adults. It is the martial art of choice for the Police, the Prison Service and the Armed Forces. By the use of strikes, throws & groundwork an individual is able to yield to an opponent’s aggression…..through doing this a smaller person can overcome bigger and stronger opponents.

Ju Jutsu: A History

The origins of Ju Jutsu can be traced back to the Japanese Samurai Warrior who used Ju Jutsu for self protection. Ju Jutsu is recognised as the mother art because other martial arts have developed from it; Aikido, Judo and Karate to name a few.

There is a Japanese saying: ‘Bujutsu shogei no chichihaha wa taijutsu nari’ Translated it suggests that Ju Jutsu is the mother & father of the martial arts.

Grand Master Soke Fumon Tanaka and daughter demonstrate Bow Work at a recent International seminar.

Evie, white belt being introduced to Bow Work by our Grand Master Soke Fumon Tanaka

Andy Davis, Black Belt performs Sword Kata, a traditional Samuri training exercise.