Martial Arts classes for children Cheltenham Gloucestershire

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Why Should I choose TJK?

TJK has been in operation for over 35 years and is held in high regard in the world of martial arts. The President is Sensei Ross Iannaccaro who holds a 8th degree black belt in Ju Jutsu and teaches extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

We have traditional links with Japan through Soke Tanaka who is a direct decendant of the Samurai Warrior.

We keep up to date with the latest self defence techniques and work closely with the Police.

The club is carries public and personal injury insurance for all of our students.

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Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire


Background of the school and our values

Our classes have been running for over 20 years and we have had the pleasure of producing numerous black belts...both at junior and senior level. Our mission is to empower young people and adults with the 3 key skills with respect to personal safety and self defence. These keys come from the teaching of Coach Tony Blauer.

D1: Detection -  We teach our students to detect danger in their environments.

D2: Defuse – We educate our students to deescalate situations that may spiral out of control.

D3: Defend – if all else fails students a taught how to physically defend themselves in manner that is morally, ethically and legally compliant.




Meet the team

All instructors in our classes must meet exceptionally high levels of professional competence and satisfy strictly observed principles having a duty of care & respect for our students. All instructors are CRB/police checked.


 Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire


Sensei Andy Privett

Senior Instructor

Andy holds a 4th degree black belt in Ju Jutsu and is also highly graded in Judo.

Andy is a fully qualified PE teacher who has taught PE, sports and martial arts in schools around Gloucestershire. He retains close links and is involved in LEA activities around the county.

Andy has trained thousands of students over an 22 year period.

He has a simple motto – ‘we empower our students to take control and stay safe’.






Sensei Al Mountford


Sensei Al Mountford is a new and exciting addition to the coaching team. Al have been brought up through the TJK system and brings enthusiasm, technical expertise and a great sense of humour to the mats.





Hayley Privett

Club Administrator

Hayley handles all the administration tasks at the club. Hayley has an NNEB qualification and has worked in schools for over 14 years.






Tim Kenyon


Tim holds a 2nd degree black belt and is one of the oldest members at the club. Tim has unparrelled levels of energy and expertise and has supported hundreds of students over the years.



Sensei Ross Iannoccaro

President of Tai Ju Jutsu

We are very proud to work under the guidance & expertise of Sensei Ross Iannoccaro (7th degree black belt) and Tai Ju Jutsu Kai. Sensei Ross formed TJK in 1980 and now has 20 clubs and thousands of students around the country. All clubs follow a carefully designed and proven syllabus. The syllabus covers all aspects of the art, from practical & effective self defence to the traditional application of techniques to the ever popular kumite & grappling competitions.

As a club we meet all the national requirements for safeguarding training.




Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire

Understanding Ju Jutsu: The Mother Of All Martial Arts



Ju Jutsu Explained

Tai-jutsu is a Japanese term for combat skill, techniques or systems of martial arts using body movements that are described as an empty-hand combat skill or system, with an emphasis on grappling and striking.

Ju Jutsu is a complete & highly effective self defence system for both children and adults. It is the martial art of choice for the Police, the Prison Service and the Armed Forces. By the use of strikes, throws & groundwork an individual is able to yield to an opponent’s aggression…..through doing this a smaller person can overcome bigger and stronger opponents.



Ju Jutsu: A History

The origins of Ju Jutsu can be traced back to the Japanese Samurai Warrior who used Ju Jutsu for self protection. Ju Jutsu is recognised as the mother art because other martial arts have developed from it; Aikido, Judo and Karate to name a few.

There is a Japanese saying: ‘Bujutsu shogei no chichihaha wa taijutsu nari’ Translated it suggests that Ju Jutsu is the mother & father of the martial arts.