Martial Arts classes for children Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Professional Martial Arts Classes For Children And Adults

Teaching Empowerment, Self-Confidence And Self-Defense

Martial Arts classes for children Cheltenham Gloucestershire



Martial Arts Classes for Children in Cheltenham, 
Cirencester and Bourton


At TJK Cheltenham we welcome you into a safe & structured environment where students can learn the enriching martial art of Ju Jutsu. Supported by fully qualified and engaging teachers, the students learn to work individually and collectively to access the very best martial arts has to offer. 

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Self-Confidence & Resilience Through Self Defence

Ju Jutsu gives our students greater confidence & the ability to defend themselves if confronted or attacked. Moreover, the classes channel active children in a structured and positive manner.

Our success is driven by a simple philosophy –

‘We empower students to take control & stay safe’


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Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire

Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire

We Are TJK Cheltenham

We invite you to learn more about us and our practice through this website – and discover how you, and your child, could benefit from being part of TJK. We offer Martial Arts Classes For Children In Gloucestershire through professional teaching in a safe environment.

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We Provide:

  • Personal Safety & Self-Defence Training
  • Empowerment of children and adults
  • Skills that will keep students safe in everyday life
  • Increased competence, self-confidence and resilience
  • Education with respect to quality decision making

How much could your child benefit from any of the above? Are you looking for something that could help your child reach their full potential?

The Scheme is quality assured by leading police officers & martial arts experts. In simple terms this initiative will increase your child’s confidence in dealing with any physical altercation.



Martial Arts classes for children  in Cheltenham  and Gloucestershire

 ju Jutsu Classes For Children And Adults 


 How It Works

At TJK Cheltenham, our aim is to make our lessons affordable for everyone, which is why we do not charge a registration free. We charge £6.25 for the hour and these are paid on a half termly basis. 
During the first term we will refund any lessons your child does not take if they choose not to continue with us.

We offer a free trial lesson for newcomers so that they can experience Ju Jutsu training before fully committing. 

For more information on the cost of uniforms, gradings, events and our yearly membership cost, please click here.





TJK Has 24 Classes Available In 4 Local Venues:

 Charlton Kings    Hatherly     Cirencester     Bourton on the Water







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Additionally, if you have any questions and would like to find out more about out self defence and martial arts classes for children in Gloucestershire, please call us on the number below and we will be happy to help.

 0795 1587 398



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